Expedition WRF weather models

For locations without high resolution data available. Some of these are on demand.


1/12° - 0.083° 1/36° - 0.028° 1/108° - 0.009°
New Zealand NZ North  
Auckland Auckland Auckland
Auckland-Bay of Islands Bay Of Islands  
Cook Strait Coromandel   
NZ South    
Adelaide Adelaide  
New South Wales Sydney Sydney
Queensland north Hamilton Island Hamilton Island
Queensland south Brisbane  
Perth Perth  
Tasmania Hobart  
Cape Town Cape Town  
UK South UK South  
English Channel Scillies  
Irish Sea Lyme Bay  
  St Helier  
  Le Havre  
On demand for regattas    
Caribbean 600 Antigua-St Barths  
Hong Kong Hong Kong  
Japan Enoshima  
Manila Manila  
Middle Sea race Middle Sea race  
Italy Capri  
Sardinia Sardinia Porto Cervo
St Tropez St Tropez St Tropez
Valencia-Palma Valencia-Palma  


MSLP, 10m wind, surface gusts, rain, 2m temperature and total cloud cover.


1/12° ~ 0.083° (< 5nm) grid, 72 hour forecast, 1 hour steps.

1/36° ~ 0.028° (< 2nm) grid, 36 hour forecast, 30 minute steps.

1/108° ~ 0.009° (~ 1/2nm) grid, 24 hour forecast, 30 minute steps.


Best viewed in Expedition. Expedition has no grib viewing restrictions, even if not licensed.

Update times an be checked in Expedition before downloading.

Data is in Grib2 format.