Expedition may be purchased directly or through your local reseller.

There are some areas with no local representation or you may not need reseller support. In these cases, select Expedition in the Expedition authorisation email window.


A licence to use Expedition may be purchased for $US1295 by clicking the Paypal button below.

Email the code Expedition provides when you first attempt to run it to Tasman Bay Navigation Systems Ltd. and we will provide a licence key. Please do not send a screen-shot. We also need your contact details for support and if further user keys are to be issued in the future.



Upgrade from v10

Upgrade Expedition licence purchased before 1 January 2018, $US250

This will require a new licence key. Please email the new site code to Expedition.



NOC Proudman tidal currents

Northwest Europe CS3 12km, $225


Northwest Europe CS20 1.8km, $325. Requires Proudman data file.


Mediterranean Sea 9km, $325


Arabian Gulf 9km, $225


SHOM tidal currents

Northern and western France, 300 / $325



Broadband radar licence, $US1299

Note that these licences are per radar.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide demo keys for Navico radars.


Winning Tides

For Winning Tides (Solent), please see Winning tides.