Expedition 11

Note: Expedition is not supported on Windows 7 or 8.

Expedition 4D v11.19.23

For ENC, RNC and C-MAP 4D charting.

Expedition4D requires the C-Map Maps Manager to be installed, see prerequisites below.

Expedition v11.19.23

For ENC, RNC and C-MAP MAX charting.

Upgrade notes

Expedition 11 requires a new licence key, available from Expedition.

Licences purchased prior to January 2018 require a $295 upgrade fee.


Feature update history

Prerequisites and notes

For Windows 11 or 10. Windows 11 with minimum 8GB memory is recommended.

Expedition is a highly multi-threaded application. CPUs with more cores will increase performance, especially for optimal routing.

Some anti-virus software such as AVG and Avast may not like the Wix installer Expedition uses.

Expedition for MAX

C-Map MAX charting end of product life cycle is currently planned for December 2023.

Expedition 4D

C-MAP 4D charting requires Maps Manager and OpenGL 3.0 or higher. See the graphics driver links on the resources page.

The WWD303 More Free Basemaps chart download is recommended - see the Expedition help and My Maps in Exp. We do not recommend updating this chart once installed.

C-MAP 4D charting works best on displays smaller than 2732x2048 pixels. C-MAP 4D may have problems on some systems, including those with GeForce graphics processors. Please confirm Expedition4D works with your computer's graphics before purchasing 4D charts.

C-MAP Maps Manager

Required by Expedition 4D.

MapsManager 2.30.2

Expedition help in pdf format

Expedition.pdf copy of the Expedition help, not always up to date.

NOC Proudman

Northwest Europe 1.8km data file. Copy contents of zip file to the Expedition tides folder.

Proudman data is no longer available for new customers or sales.

Proudman data is not compatible with Expedition x64.

Sample log files

San Francisco