Navigation and yacht racing solutions


Important note

Whilst racing, weather data or services such as routing that are not free of charge or easily available to all boats are not allowed by Rule 41(c) (outside help) of the RRS. See Case 120 in the Case book. However, Case 120 clarifies that rule 41c may be changed for any particular race by the notice of race and sailing instructions.

Expedition integrated weather & oceanographic data

Saildocs - GFS, WW3, NOGAPS, COAMPS and RTOFS - designed for yacht racing
GLERL - Great Lakes winds and currents
Global marine networks - HYCOM currents and WW3 data
Great Circle - Many global & regional models. As used by the Volvo Ocean race.
MailASail - GFS
Meteo France - Navimail, also see Francis Fustier
NOAA - High resolution GFS, GEFS, NAM, RTOFS etc. NAM is often the best US data
Norwegian weather office - High resolution models for northern Europe (Weather forecast from yr.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).
Ocens - GFS, NMG, WW3, HYCOM and RTOFS. Optimised for satellite links
PredictWind - High resolution models for many areas
SKIRON - High resolution Mediterranean models
Theyr - Global and high resolution WRF models
Windria - Global and regional high resolution models

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie - North Sea and Baltic tidal currents
Proudman - UK, North Sea, Meditteranean and Arabian Gulf tidal currents
SHOM - Tidal currents for the French coast
Tidetech - Global ocean and tidal tidal currents
Winning Tides - Solent (UK) tidal currents

Free weather & oceanographic grib data

ECMWF, reanalysis & ERA Interim - European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
Environment Canada - GEM, global and high resolution North American models
Meteo France - Arpege (Global 0.5 or Europe 0.1) & Arome (France 0.01 or 0.0025)
MeteoConsult - High resolution models for Europe and Mediterranean
NCAR/UCAR Research data archive
NOAA, RTOFS, WW3, Reanalysis and many other models
OSI Sea ice concentration
SailFlow or SailFlow - High resolution GFS, NAM and WRAMS models for the US
Sailing Weather Service - SWS, NAM and GFS
UCAR AMPS - Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction, including NZ and Drake Passage.
UGrib - GFS and ECMWF - as used by the Volvo Ocean race
Weather365 - 0.1 and 0.25 degree ETA model data for many European locations

Subscription grib data

BOM - Australia
gribfiles.com - Many models
Norwegian weather office
Previmeteo - WRF user selectable modelling
Sailtactics - wind and currents for San francisco
WetterWelt GmbH

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