Navigation and yacht racing solutions

About Expedition

Expedition is simply the best tactical and navigation software available.

Expedition has been in development since the mid 1990s by veteran Volvo Ocean Race navigator and Whitbread winner, Nick White.

Expedition has been used in multiple Volvo Ocean, America's Cup and Grand Prix events and is the most advanced and usable software available - for racing around the world or your local harbour.

System requirements

Windows 8, 7 SP1, Vista SP2 or XP SP3.

Windows 7 or 8 with a graphics processor is recommended.

Windows XP is not recommended - the build for XP is only provided for legacy support. Performance is less and some Exp features are not available under XP.

Expedition 4D requires OpenGL support and is not available for Windows XP.

Chart-plotter that seamlessly selects, moasaics and rotates charts

C-Map 4D and MAX/NT+,
BSB versions 1-5,
Maptech PCX.

Advanced weather display and tools

Sophisticated display options,
Grib 1 and 2 support,
Intelligent merging and display of multiple grib file datasets,
Integrated weather reports (ships, buoys and land stations),
Integrated Saildocs, NOAA, Great Circle, Ocens, PredictWind & MailASail weather,
Integrated NOAA, Proudman, SHOM & Tidetech tides and currents.

Simply the best weather routing available

Display multiple optimum routes,
Optimal routes for fleet and multiple weather models,
Optimal route sensitivity,
Wave corrections and avoidance,
Reverse isochrone function for graphical interpretation of routing

Start display and advanced buoy racing functions

Windward-leeward course support,
Time to marks, laylines, next leg etc,
Layline bounds,
Start line functions,
Rate of turn, acceleration and braking,
Time to ends & line,
Time to burn,
Line bias,
Hold wind,
Display grid,
What if? functionality,
Sail chart,
Simple handicap support,

... and much more

Instrument connectivity with all popular instrument systems

AIS, DSC and AIS-SART receivers,
B&G Hercules and Hydra from H390 to H5000,
DMK Yacht,
Garmin USB,
Koden radar,
KVH Quadro,
Navico Broadband radar,
Nexus NX2, FDX and NXR,
NMEA 0183,
NMEA 2000,
Racing Bravo,
Vesper AIS,
Various compasses, lasers and other sensors,
Networking support.


Stripchart to plot and analyse any instrument function,
Display marks, courses, laylines, track, AIS targets, radar, tracks, race schedule information etc. on the chart,
Polar functions to output, analyse and create or modify a yacht’s performance polars,
Sail chart,
Track AIS targets,
Race schedule functions to track and analyse competitors,
Logging functions to record race data that can be replayed or analysed later to assist with instrument calibration or polar modifications,
GPX file import and export,
Number boxes to display any system number,
What-if? window,
GPS information window,
Full screen mode,

... and much more!

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